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Do we have to beg God to be generous?

How many of us give readily to a panhandler on the street? If we give anything at all, it is usually reluctant and meager.  Now let me ask, how many of us give readily and generously to someone we love?  Our relationship with the other person makes a difference to how we respond. Context In the previous post,... Read More

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A request that will take courage

Has a person in prayer ever caused you to become aware of the presence of God? If so, you probably had the unsettling sense you were missing out on something greater. I imagine the disciples experiencing this:  One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him,... Read More

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An invitation that will make a difference

Today is not a blog day. It is a newsletter day. So, this is a "bletter" or a "blotter." I want this invitation to spread wider than my newsletter. My invitation is for you to participate in a life-transforming project.  My title was "An invitation that will make a difference through the Matthew Paradigm." It was... Read More

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5 factors that will help you listen well to God

What makes a good listener? The accompanying Chinese symbol for "listen" incorporates the characters for ear + eyes + undivided attention + heart. This combination is an insightful description of how we listen well. Recall that, in prayer, we listen before we speak. Does this describe how you listen to God? In the... Read More

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4 elements that will hinder active listening

Are you a good listener? For most of us the busyness and stress of daily life robs us of valuable skills for listening actively. U2 captures something of our frenetic lives: “speed dialing with no signal at all”[1] – much activity devoid of true purpose. Those reading this blog include businesspeople, police... Read More

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An understanding of prayer that will make a difference

Understanding can make all the difference.  A lumberjack bought a new kind of saw: a chain saw.  The saw was guaranteed to cut dozens of logs a day. Wearing himself out, he only managed to cut one log a day.  Returning to the store, the lumberjack complained. The store owner pulled the cord and the... Read More

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5 reasons why you should pray

An atheist, a fatalist, and a self-seeker met at a party. Their conversation turned to why they did not pray.  The atheist said, “there is no god, so you’re not praying to anything.” The fatalist said, “God has already decided what he’s going to do, so you’re wasting your time.” The self-seeker said, “prayer is... Read More


A Bigger Table

John Pavlovitz, A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 2017. Pp. xiii + 192, paper, $16.00 (USD).  John Pavlovitz (JP) begins with the laudable goal of building a “bigger table” to which more people can be invited. This is both an actual... Read More


5 Steps that will strengthen your prayer-life

Of the numerous books on prayer in my library, most of them are from the 19th or 20th Century, Western, and Evangelical.  Although they have been helpful, in many ways, they all say much the same things.  Is this all there is to say about prayer?  People from other ages and other traditions have other... Read More

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Resolution of Delight

Have you made a new year’s resolution for the coming year? Many of us are afraid to make resolutions because we’ve failed too many times. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology (University of Scraton), 45% of Americans make resolutions – only 8% achieve them.  If your desire is to make a resolution to... Read More

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