Biblical literacy

Biblical literacy

A guided journey of the historical narrative of the Bible

This series is also known as "God's 'Story'" or the Historical Backbone of the Bible.

We are discovering that we do not live God's 'Story' because we do not know God's 'Story'. Studies demonstrate that spiritual maturity is directly linked to Bible literacy.

This project is designed for a group of people to grasp the historical narrative of the Bible in a relatively brief period. See the Resource page for the summary of the 'Historical Backbone of the Bible'.

Take 5 minutes to listen to a good introduction to the Bible by Matt Whitman. Just click on the YouTube clip – then come back and let's get started.  

Here are the links to the posts that complement the reading of the designated portions of the Bible:

  1. Living God's 'Story' – two problems and a solution
  2. Five Basic Steps for Learning God's 'Story'
  3. Grasping God's 'Story'
  4. Five Questions for Reading Impact
  5. A 10 Minute Tour of Genesis
  6. 40 Years (or more) in 10 Minutes (or less)
  7. 10 Minutes with Joshua and the Judges
  8. 10 Minutes with Samuel, Saul and David
  9. Solomon to Exile in 10 Minutes
  10. 10 Minutes with Ezra and Nehemiah
  11. 400 Years of Turmoil in 10 Minutes
  12. 10 Minutes for the Greatest Story Ever Told
  13. Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth in 10 Minutes
  14. 10 Minutes in Revelation
  15. 5 Benefits of Bible Literacy
  16. Fleshing Out the Backbone of the Bible


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Posts from this Series

Fleshing out the Backbone of the Bible

How many miles/kilometers of blood vessels are there in an adult human’s circulatory system? According to the Franklin Institute and others, if you laid all of your arteries, veins, and... View

5 Benefits of Bible Literacy

It’s a ‘story’ packed with tense drama, action, sex, deceit, miracles, and more. Here’s a C.H.E.C.K. list of five benefits you can experience as you get acquainted with God’s ‘Story’. ... View

10 Minutes in Revelation

What do you think of the book of Revelation? Perhaps you’ve concluded it is: Unintelligible; Irrelevant; Fertile ground for end-time fanatics; or, Something else.   Although the film industry... View

What's so great about Easter?

How can it be “Good” if Jesus was crucified on that Friday? That was something I found contradictory. The crucifixion of Jesus was bad, wasn’t it? If it was a Friday at all is not the issue. What... View

Jerusalem to the ends of the earth in 10 minutes

Do you know where Thomas is buried? Thomas’ body is buried in Chennai (formerly Madras), India. Tradition, indicates he arrived in southern India a mere 20 years after the resurrection of Jesus,... View

10 Minutes for the Greatest Story Ever Told

What do you know about investigative reporting? University of Missouri journalism professor Steve Weinberg defined investigative reporting as: “Reporting, through one's own initiative and work... View

400 years of turmoil in 10 minutes

“I read the news and find hope.”               “What? Are you stupid or something?” “I don’t claim to be a genius, but I’m encouraged by God.” “You are encouraged – you find hope? What about the... View

10 Minutes with Ezra and Nehemiah

I have a confession. The first time I read the Bible from cover-to-cover it was hard slugging for me. I found that finishing the Old Testament was particularly difficult. I questioned whether it... View

Solomon to Exile in 10 Minutes

Solomon represents glory days for Israel; the Exile, a desperate time. Between these two are four centuries of national decline interrupted by moments of revival. Let’s touch on four important... View

10 Minutes with Samuel, Saul and David

As we approach 1000 B.C., God’s ‘Story’ shifts from the turmoil of Judges to the potential of Kings. In our survey of 1 and 2 Samuel we encounter three main characters: Samuel – the last real... View

10 Minutes with Joshua and the Judges

Why is Israel so important in God’s ‘Story’? As a person of British descendant I could feel left out – as can other people of non-Israelite lineages whether Asian, African, Latino, or whatever.... View

40 years (or more) in 10 minutes (or less)

Turning the page from Genesis to Exodus takes us almost 400 years. The descendants of Jacob, renamed Israel, have multiplied greatly but now live in brutal conditions as slave labor to Egypt.... View

A 10 Minute Tour of Genesis

A tour of an unfamiliar place can make all the difference. I’ve travelled to many foreign cities. Some of them are just blurs in my memory. Being transported from an airport to a hotel to an... View

Five questions for reading impact

As you read or listen intentionally to the Historical Backbone of the Bible do you ask what it means for your life? If you've reached Exodus, the second book of the Bible, you may wonder how it... View

Grasping God's 'Story'

The New Testament opens with a genealogy that is “shorthand” for God’s ‘Story’ up to that point (Matthew 1:1-17). Knowledge of this history is presumed – and necessary – if we are to properly... View

Five basic steps for learning God's 'Story'

"How to assemble a jigsaw puzzle” is another title I could have used. One of the Christmas traditions of our family is a communal jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are laid out on a table dedicated for... View

Living God's 'Story' – two problems and a solution

As we explore what it means to live God's ‘Story’, I begin by proposing two problems and a solution. Problem #1 We don’t know God’s ‘story’. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say most of us... View