This series examines what it means to live in the wholesome tension of faithfulness to God and relevance to Culture.

Together we will explore questions including:

  • Why should I be both faithful to God and relevant to Culture?
  • What is Culture?
  • What are the biblical bridges that engage each culture with the Gospel of Christ?
  • How do I remain faithful to God while being relevant to the culture in which I'm living?
  • And more.

Below are the links to this series in reverse order. You can also click here to go to the first post: "Christ and Culture: An Introduction." You can click "NEXT" at the end of each post to go to the next one in order, or you can click on a podcast to listen.

As an alternative, here are the episodes in the order in which they were presented – simply click on the title to go to the post, or related podcast to listen:

1.    Christ and Culture: An Introduction or podcast 084

2.    Three Absolutes About All People or podcast 085

3.    Who is the God of All Cultures? or podcast 086

4.    What is Culture? or podcast 087

5.    Unlocking Culture or podcast 088

6.    Cultural Awareness for More Effective Evangelism or podcast 089

7.    I was on my way to the Temple when ... or podcast 090

8.    Testing Traditions or podcast 091

9.    4 Dynamics of God Toward Culture or podcast 092

10.  Culture Toward God or podcast 093

11.  Bridges of Faith or podcast 094

12.  Constantine's Legacy or podcast 095

13.  Winding-Up on Culture

Photo credit: From the cover of The 3D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures by Jason Georges. This book is a helpful resource on the topic of this series.

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