Do you want to enter God's 'Story'?

The first step to living in God's 'Story' is getting to know it.

The Bible is our portal into God's 'Story'. Through that portal a whole new world awaits you – a real, alterate, live-giving world.  

This is not escapism; this is engagement in life as it is meant to be.

Why should we get to know God's 'Story'? 

There is a direct correlation between spiritual maturity and reading the Bible. Dr. Ed Stetzer confirms this in his article "Bible Reading Leads to Spiritual Growth."

Recent research in Canada, the United States, and Europe confirms that biblical literacy has dropped significantly over the last 20 years. The result among Christian communities is noticeable.

We don't know God's 'Story' and, as a result, we don't live God's 'Story'.

What is this resource?

This resource is a one page proposal called the "Historical Backbone of the Bible." The goal is to read segments of the Bible that will take you through the historical narrative of God's 'Story'. 

A series of blog posts has been developed to complement this resource named God's 'Story'.

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Photo Credit: Magda-K Photography via Compfight cc