Matthew's Gospel provides a 'paradigm' for making disciples.

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Is this discipleship paradigm needed and does it work?

Here is an endorsement from Dr. Gordon E. Carkner in his book, Mapping the Future: Arenas of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation:   

John B. MacDonald, a Bible teacher in New Westminster British Columbia, has developed a robust course on Matthew’s Gospel, a paradigm for discipleship. John rightly sees discipleship and humble obedience as the deep structure of Scripture, a fulfilment of God’s calling and promises to establish his kingdom among us. Christ is the central actor in this grand theodrama of redemption. Ultimately, Scripture is our grounding for the struggles of life. 

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1.    I Call It Heresy

2.    What Is a Disciple?

3.    5 Discipleship Attributes

4.    5 Reasons to Make Disciples

5.    How Baptizing Makes Disciples

6.    How Teaching Makes Disciples

7.    How To Make Disciples: A Better Way. A modified form of this post was published as "The Missing Gems of Discipleship" in Love is Moving: Canada's Christian Youth Magazine (Issue 26 Mar/Apr 2018).

8.    Fleshing Out Two Principles for Making Disciples

9.    Disciple, What Will You Do?

10.  Lessons from a Leper

11.  A Key to Matthew

12.  To Be or To Do?

13.  Unlocking the Sermon on the Mount

14.  Listening Well to Matthew

15.  A Problem with Miracles

16.  An Invitation That Will Make a Difference

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