The series title, "Reclaiming Eschatology," suggests we may have lost something.

What is eschatology?

'Eschaton' is the Greek word for 'last,' so eschatology studies last times or last things.

This short series seeks to recover some of the wonder and practical benefit of the basics of unfulfilled predictive prophecy. How is such prophecy relevant and practical to your life today?

Below are the links to this series in reverse order. You can also click this link for the first post: "An understanding of prophecy that will make a difference." You can click "FORWARD TO" at the end of each post to go to the next one in order.

As an alternative, here are the episodes in order – click on the title to go to the post or podcast:

1.    An understanding of prophecy that will make a difference or podcast 23.

2.    5 Ways the Return of Jesus Matters to You or podcast 24.

3.    Things you should know about the judgment seat or podcast 25.

4.    Your Motivation to Gain a Crown or podcast 26.

5.    Living the Resurrection as a Present Reality