Have you lost the desire and delight of prayer? Do you want to reclaim prayer?

Our core description of prayer is supplied by Clement of Alexandria (150-215 A.D.): "keeping company with God." 

In this series, we explore various perspectives of praying and prayer. This resource will continue to be developed, so feel free to contact me with your comments and questions. 

Here are the current posts in their order of appearance. Simply click on the title to read the post.

1.    Resolution of Delight

2.    5 Steps That Will Strengthen Your Prayer-Life

3.    5 Reasons Why You Should Pray or podcast 075

4.    An Understanding of Prayer That Will Make a Difference or podcast 076. A modified version of this post has been published as "An Understanding of Prayer That Will Make a Difference" in in the May/June 2018 edition of Love is Moving: Canada's Christian Youth Magazine, a publication of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

5.    4 Elements That Will Hinder Active Listening

6.    5 Factors That Will Help You Listen Well to God

7.    A Request That Will Take Courage or podcast 077

8.    Do We Have to Beg God to be Generous? or podcast 078

9.    Podcast 079 for "What Do You Expect from a Good Father?"

10.  Prayer of Presence

11.  5 Things That Will Block Your Prayers or podcast 080

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