Who is the Holy Spirit? And what does He do?

These are just a couple of the crucial questions we examine in this series.

This resource will continue to be developed, so feel free to contact me with your comments and questions. 

Here are the current posts in their order of appearance. Simply click on the title to read the post.

1. Is the Holy Spirit a person or a power? 

2. 5 reasons why the Holy Spirit is not optional 

3. 3 Metaphors for Knowing the Holy Spirit Better 

4. 4 More Metaphors for Knowing the Holy Spirit Better 

5. 5 Benefits of God's Ownership of You through the Spirit 

6. Does the Holy Spirit Live in You? 

7. What does it mean for your Body to be a Temple of God 

8. 5 Roles of the Indwelling Spirit 

9. How can you be filled with the Spirit? 

10. What is Walking by the Spirit? 

11. How to Walk by the Spirit 

12. What is Baptism in the Spirit? 

13. How are you baptized in the Spirit and how is it important to you? 

14. Anointed with the Spirit  


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