The Matthew Paradigm

Making disciples of Jesus Christ for all of life

Matthew's Gospel provides a 'paradigm' for making disciples.

This resource is in preparation and material will be added periodically.

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1.    I Call It Heresy

2.    What Is a Disciple?

3.    5 Discipleship Attributes

4.    5 Reasons to Make Disciples

5.    How Baptizing Makes Disciples

6.    How Teaching Makes Disciples

7.    How To Make Disciples: A Better Way. A modified form of this post was published as "The Missing Gems of Discipleship" in Love is Moving: Canada's Christian Youth Magazine (Issue 26 Mar/Apr 2018).

8.    Fleshing Out Two Principles for Making Disciples

9.    Disciple, What Will You Do?

10.  Lessons from a Leper

11.  A Key to Matthew

12.  To Be or To Do?

13.  Unlocking the Sermon on the Mount

14.  Listening Well to Matthew

15.  A Problem with Miracles

16.  An Invitation That Will Make a Difference

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