Festivals of the Lord

Festivals of the Lord

Celebrating God's Grace

Our God is the God of celebrations.

The Bible is full of His celebrations. And we are invited.

What can you learn from Israel's ancient festivals?

As you will discover, each festival has its fulfilment in Jesus Christ; and each has significance for you.

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  1. Celebrating God's Grace – Five Guiding Principles.
  2. Celebrating God's Grace in the Passover.
  3. Celebrating God's Grace in Firstfruits.
  4. The Dangers of Yeast.
  5. Celebrating Pentecost – even if you're not Pentecostal.
  6. Do I Need to be Baptized in the Spirit?
  7. Dynamic Results of Pentecost – Part 1.
  8. Dynamic Results of Pentecost – Part 2.
  9. Celebrating with a Blast.
  10. Yom Kippur, not 'yum, kippers'.
  11. Celebrating God's Presence.




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Celebrating God's Presence

As a school boy I rode a bus past a synagogue in Vancouver. There were little shelters or huts on the property made from leafy branches. I wondered what that was about. I learned later that it... View

Yom Kippur, not ‘yum, kippers’

“No, that’s not ‘yum, kippers’.” That would be a questionable culinary comment concerning smoked herring. Yom Kippur is Hebrew for “Day of Atonement,” or, perhaps more literally, “Day of... View

Celebrating with a blast

This festival was a blast – literally. The shofar This festival is called Rosh Hashanah, which in Hebrew, means “New Year.” Often it is referred to as the Festival of Trumpets, but the word... View

Dynamic results of Pentecost - Part 2

How do you respond to people from a group that has caused you pain, loss, oppression, or injustice? As a follower of Jesus, what do you do when one of these people becomes a fellow member of the... View

Dynamic results of Pentecost – Part 1

Does engagement with new and different people make you uncomfortable? What is it about them? Is it their language? Their appearance? Their traditions?  Have we built 'fences' to keep others out?... View

Do I need to be baptized in the Spirit?

The significance of the ancient Festival of Weeks, or Pentecost, led us to the events of Acts 2 and the baptism in the Spirit. You may want to refresh your understanding from the previous... View

Celebrating Pentecost – even if you're not Pentecostal

The Festival of Weeks is called Shavuot in Hebrew and Pentecost in Greek. As usual, we hear, "What's this got to do with me?" and sometimes, "But I'm not a pentecostal."  What does Pentecost... View

The Dangers of Yeast

One of my favorites is a thick slice of freshly baked bread slathered with butter and coated with strawberry jam. It just wouldn't be the same on bread made without yeast.  So what's to celebrate... View

Celebrating God's Grace in Firstfruits

"I've read the bit about the Festival of First-fruits" she says, "but I don't get it – what's it got to do with me?" "Well, let's walk through this together. I'm going to propose at least three... View

Celebrating God's Grace in the Passover

As we turn the page from Genesis to Exodus we shift forward in time about 400 years. Jacob and his family of 70 or so people has now become an ethnic group numbering in the hundreds of thousands,... View

Celebrating God's Grace – five guiding principles

"Read Leviticus 23? You've got to be kidding!"  "Well, are you willing to try something new and different?"  Together, let's experience something about entering into, and celebrating, God's... View