In this series, we explore the disconnect between our desire for God and our experience of Him.

The goal of this post is to grow intimately in your relationship with the One True God revealed as Jesus Christ.

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As an alternative, here are the episodes in the order in which they were presented – click on the title to go to the post or its podcast:

1.    How is Your Relationship with God? or podcast 056

2.    'A' is for Attending or podcast 057

3.    Is That You God? or podcast 058

4.    4 Qualities for Active Listening or podcast 059

5.    Listening Well to God or podcast 060

6.    Starbucks and God or podcast 062

7.    Expectations of God or podcast 063

8.    Responding to God (Part 1) or podcast 064

9.    Responding to God (Part 2) or podcast 065

10.  Time for God? or podcast 066


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