Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

Watching and listening to Jesus in the Gospel of John

'Who is Jesus?'

We need to answer this crucial question right.

Opinions about Jesus abound.

The apostle John lived as an intimate follower of Jesus for over 60 years. He knew the real Jesus.

This series explores some of John's eye-witness accounts as he answers two questions:

  • 'Who is Jesus?' and
  • 'What difference does it make?'

Here are the links to the posts in order:

  1. Two Crucial Questions
  2. God Made Known
  3. At the First Sign of Jesus
  4. At the Second Sign of Jesus
  5. At the Third Sign of Jesus 
  6. At the Fourth Sign of Jesus
  7. At the Fifth Sign of Jesus
  8. The Sign of Holy Mud
  9. When Death Comes Knocking 
  10. 4 Responses when You Doubt
  11. I Am – Jesus
  12. 3 Differences Jesus Makes

Soli Deo gloria 

(Glory to God alone)


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Posts from this Series

Who is this?

"Who is this?" This was the question asked 2,000 years ago. It's one of the best questions to ask today! Palm Sunday In a couple of days, the traditional church calendar remembers Palm Sunday.... View

3 Differences Jesus Makes

What's God like? I was listening to a woman tell me what she thought. It was her own mixture of 'this' and 'that'.  It reminded me of a picture of bits and pieces of just about anything you can... View

I Am – Jesus

How can a 30 year old pre-exist someone 2,000 years older? It’s a puzzle the Pharisees can’t solve as long as they cling to their opinion of Jesus.  Solving a puzzle In yet another confrontation,... View

When death comes knocking

What do you do when Death comes knocking? Out of curiosity I did a search of my title: “When Death Comes Knocking.” I learned that the title is also used by a musical group I’d never heard of:... View

The Sign of Holy Mud

Holy mud? Jesus spit on the ground and made some mud with the saliva. What does this say about who Jesus is? And, what difference can this make for you? I’m calling this 'the sign of holy mud'.... View

At the Fifth Sign of Jesus

What do you do with a man who walks on water? If you were a ‘friend’, even a follower, of this man what difference would it make? Here’s a short report of what John witnessed one dark and stormy... View

At the Fourth Sign of Jesus

Recently, I read a scathing analysis of the popular Joel Osteen. In God in the Whirlwind, David Wells comments: In [Osteen’s] (saccharin-like) view, God is our greatest booster who, sadly, is... View

At the Third Sign of Jesus

On Tuesday I was speaking with a dying woman. What remains of her life is measured in weeks. I spoke to her about Jesus and the life He offers so freely. She responded with ‘religion’ and her... View

At the Second Sign of Jesus

How many of us treat God as if He was just here to provide what we want? We perceive a need and ask God to fix it. Often we even lay out the way we expect God to answer. What does this attitude... View

At the First Sign of Jesus

What would it be like to watch Jesus perform a miracle? Let’s presume that you’re an unbiased observer. How would you react? What difference would it make?  A problem solved John tells us about... View

God Made Known

What am I thinking at this very moment? That’s a question I often ask my audience when I speak on this topic. Only once did someone make a bold suggestion – and it was wrong. We just don’t know... View

Two Crucial Questions

Years ago during a family vacation, we passed a sign advertising “Jesus’ Fruit Stand – 100 meters.” The children wanted to stop and see ‘Jesus’. As it turned out, that Jesus was a Portuguese... View