Are there times God ‘zigs’ when you thought he should ‘zag’? Situations in which your understanding of God conflicted with what God did? 

Is it wrong to argue with God? 

It depends. What is your attitude, purpose, intent?

Some of God's most wonderful 'saints' had the audacity to argue with God: Abraham, Job, Jacob, Ananias, and others.

This series looks at some of these incidents. It attempts to discern some principles that we can build into our lives.

I trust that your appreciation for our God grows, and your relationship with Him deepens. 

Here are the posts in order:

1.  Arguing with God or podcast 047

2.  4 things from God's friend or podcast 048

3.  Is your major strength your weakness? or podcast 049

4.  5 ways we resist God or podcast 050

5.  Does God change his mind? or podcast 051

6.  Why do bad things happen to good people? or podcast 52

7.  When you're angry with God or podcast 53

8.  Yes Lord, but ... or podcast 054

9.  So right, and yet so wrong or podcast 055

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