What does God want me to do?

How can I make the best decisions for life?

Why is it so difficult to make good choices?

These are common questions asked by people who love God and want the best in life.

This series guides you in biblically-valid ways of discerning God's will so that you can make the best decisions for life. This resource will continue to be developed, so feel free to contact me with your comments and questions. 

Here are the current posts in their order of appearance. Simply click on the title to read the post.

1. Decision Making and the Will of God: raising some questions 

2. God's Will for You: becoming more like Jesus Christ 

3. Getting started in discovering God's will 

4. Finding the Will of God: a pagan notion? 

5. Rethinking the Search for God's Will 

6. Three Keys for Discovering God's Will 

7. Seeking Wise Counsel: When and Why 

8. Seeking Wise Counsel: who not to ask 

9. 5 Qualities of a Wise Counselor 

10. 5 Things to Learn from Gideon’s Fleece    


Photo credit: Thomas Hawk on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC