This popular series of posts is a journey of discovery on a topic that has significant implications for how we live life.

Is it ever right to lie?

Some believe it is, particularly when protecting an innocent victim from an oppressor. Some believe it is never right to lie. 

What does the Bible say about this issue?

Here is one comment on this series:

I just re-read your blog posts “Is it ever right to lie” and while I didn't come to the same conclusions as you did, I appreciate how much thought you put into them and the logical reasoning you used. It's refreshing to see something like this laid out in coherent thought. (David T., USA)

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As an alternative, here are the episodes in the order in which they were presented – simply click on the title to go to the post:

1.  Part 1: Setting the Stage

2.  Part 2: The case for believing it's okay to lie in certain circumstances

3.  Part 3: The case for believing it's never right to lie in any circumstances

4.  Part 4: Examples and explanations of lies

5.  Part 5: Does God lie? Should we?

6.  Part 6: A Christ-centered view of living in the way of truth


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