What is leadership?

We've all met too many people who think they are leaders.

The last of these posts states that "they may be bosses, managers, masters, power-brokers, generals, dictators, oppressors, abusers, potentates, princes, presidents, fools, and impostors – but they are not leaders." 

How do we recognize a true leader? And, what does it mean to lead like Jesus?

I suspect there will be more posts to add.

Here are a few posts in the order in which they were presented – simply click on the title to go to the post:

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2.    Leaders, Fools, and Impostors

3.    The Primary Essential of Leadership

4.    A Leader's Personal Litmus Test

5.    Jesus on Leadership

6.    8 Qualities of Shepherd-Leaders or podcast 042

7.    Leadership Defined


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