Our God is the God of celebrations.

The Bible is full of His celebrations. And we are invited.

What can you learn from Israel's ancient festivals?

As you will discover, each festival has its fulfillment in Jesus Christ; and each has significance for you.

Here are the posts in order. Simply click on a title to go to that article.

  1. Celebrating God's Grace – Five Guiding Principles or podcast 067
  2. Celebrating God's Grace in the Passover or podcast 068
  3. Celebrating God's Grace in Firstfruits or podcast 069
  4. The Dangers of Yeast or podcast 070
  5. Celebrating Pentecost – even if you're not Pentecostal or podcast 071
  6. Do I Need to be Baptized in the Spirit?
  7. Dynamic Results of Pentecost – Part 1
  8. Dynamic Results of Pentecost – Part 2
  9. Celebrating with a Blast or podcast 072
  10. Yom Kippur, not 'yum, kippers' or podcast 073
  11. Celebrating God's Presence or podcast 074




Photo Credit: Benedikt Finnbogi via Compfight cc