Biblical literacy

A guided journey of the historical narrative of the Bible

This series is also known as "God's 'Story'" or the Historical Backbone of the Bible.

We are discovering that we do not live God's 'Story' because we do not know God's 'Story'. Studies demonstrate that spiritual maturity is directly linked to Bible literacy.

This project is designed for a group of people to grasp the historical narrative of the Bible in a relatively brief period. See the Resource page for the summary of the 'Historical Backbone of the Bible'.

Take 5 minutes to listen to a good introduction to the Bible by Matt Whitman. Just click on the YouTube clip – then come back and let's get started.  

Here are the links to the posts that complement the reading of the designated portions of the Bible:

  1. Living God's 'Story' – two problems and a solution
  2. Five Basic Steps for Learning God's 'Story'
  3. Grasping God's 'Story'
  4. Five Questions for Reading Impact
  5. A 10 Minute Tour of Genesis
  6. 40 Years (or more) in 10 Minutes (or less)
  7. 10 Minutes with Joshua and the Judges
  8. 10 Minutes with Samuel, Saul and David
  9. Solomon to Exile in 10 Minutes
  10. 10 Minutes with Ezra and Nehemiah
  11. 400 Years of Turmoil in 10 Minutes
  12. 10 Minutes for the Greatest Story Ever Told
  13. Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth in 10 Minutes
  14. 10 Minutes in Revelation
  15. 5 Benefits of Bible Literacy
  16. Fleshing Out the Backbone of the Bible


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