'Who is Jesus?'

We need to answer this crucial question right.

Opinions about Jesus abound.

The apostle John lived as an intimate follower of Jesus for over 60 years. He knew the real Jesus.

This series explores some of John's eye-witness accounts as he answers two crucial questions:

  • 'Who is Jesus?' and
  • 'What difference does it make?'

Here are the links to the posts and podcasts in order. Click on the title to read the post; click on 'podcast' beside that title to listen:

  1. Two Crucial Questions or podcast 002
  2. God Made Known or podcast 003
  3. At the First Sign of Jesus or podcast 004
  4. At the Second Sign of Jesus or podcast 005
  5. At the Third Sign of Jesus or podcast 006
  6. At the Fourth Sign of Jesus or podcast 007
  7. At the Fifth Sign of Jesus or podcast 008
  8. The Sign of Holy Mud or podcast 009
  9. When Death Comes Knocking or podcast 010
  10. 4 Responses when You Doubt or podcast 011
  11. I Am – Jesus or podcast 012
  12. 3 Differences Jesus Makes

Soli Deo Gloria 

(Glory to God alone)


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